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Study shows how mandarin orange peel flavonoids are key for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities

Dr. Andrew Tait, Ph.D., co-inventor of the peel extraction technology behind MS+ Manadarin Skin Plus®, collaborated with the group of Dr. David Kitts at the Department of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia to understand how the now-patented extraction method could be applied to mandarin orange peels from various global locations.

What they found was astonishing. Certain rare citrus bioflavonoids could be extracted to 20X higher levels from peel sourced from selected unique regions compared to others. These findings help explain why certain peel is so revered for its digestive properties. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Food Chemistry and the peer-reviewed article has been highly cited by over 350 times by other research papers.

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Link to the research study