About Us

MS+ Mandarin Skin Plus® was co-created by a group of people passionate about human and planetary health.  We saw an opportunity to bring a unique digestive health product to the world based on an abundant and overlooked material:  mandarin orange peel.

Mandarin orange peel has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the best source comes from Xinhui, China. It is often dry-aged for decades before being boiled in water and drank as a beverage. This peel can cost hundreds of dollars per pound, so it's not accessible to everyone.

We thought, "there's got to be a better way!" to make the digestive benefits of mandarin peel available to everyone, figuring out how to supply it in a convenient and more affordable format.

The result? We created our very own patented drying and water extraction process and sustainably source the very best mandarin orange peels from the 15,000,000 tons (yes, fifteen million tons!) of peel made each year as biproduct from the juicing and canning industry.

Every bottle of MS+ Mandarin Skin Plus we make contains the very best of what mandarin orange peel has to offer, to help you digest life better.


Mandarin orange harvest at our extended family's farm, Ann's Orchard, in Lincoln, California